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Whether it is your residential or commercial property that is overrun with pests, you can get it taken care of quickly with our services.

When you have a pest or insect infestation, you need it taken care of promptly. Trust in our quick removal services to take care of your property.

Remove pests fast

Fostering relationships

Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods

• Ants

• Cockroaches

• Spiders

• Bedbugs

• Silverfish

• Rodents

Your complete satisfaction with our insect and pest removal services is important to us. We believe in fostering relationship with

our customers.

Lakes Area Wildlife Control utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is a multifaceted approach to preventing and solving pest problems with the lowest environmental impact. We look at the entire situation to understand what is happening with your home and property so we can best develop a plan to solve the problem.

• Earwigs

• Fleas

• Ticks

• Mosquitoes

• Wasps

• And more

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