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If you have a large colony of bats or they have been living in your attic or walls for many years you may need an attic cleanout. Large amounts of bat guano in your attic can be very dangerous. There are several respiratory diseases associated with bat guano and these aren’t anything to mess with. We have the training, experience, and equipment necessary to clean up the mess, disinfect and deodorize, and reinsulate your attic. We are also experienced in working with insurance companies to get this part of the project covered by them.

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Bats are an important part of our ecology and they help control the mosquito population. That doesn't mean you want to live with them though! For the safety of everyone in the home, it's best to get these pests removed as soon as possible. Bats can cause structural damage along with several health issues

With our many years of experience in bat control you can count on us to remove all the bats from your property- guaranteed. That's right, we provide a written warranty with every job. Your satisfaction is not only important to us, it is guaranteed!

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A cookie-cutter approach to bat exclusion doesn’t work, and isn’t something that can be quoted over the phone. Through a comprehensive inspection we will determine what makes your home unique, and any damage, wear and tear, or construction issues that bats are able to exploit. We will develop a plan tailored to your specific situation.”

No matter how large the bat colony is on your property, you can count on our reliable and quick staff to remove it quickly and safely. We use no chemicals or sprays to remove bats, only industry proven methods to safely remove them unharmed.

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No one wants to share their home with unwanted pests. Having bats invade your home can be an emotional and frustrating situation. Lakes Area Wildlife Control is here to help you take back your home.

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