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Locally owned

Humane removal

Environmentally safe

You can count on a locally owned and operated company in Central Minnesota to take care of all your animal removal needs.

Just because you don't want the critters on your property, doesn't mean you want them hurt. We specialize in humane animal removals.

Removing harmful or risky animals from your property should not harm the local environment. Get environmentally safe services here.

All customers

Solve your problems

All kinds of critters

Get help whether it is your residential or commercial property has a critter that has become a nuisance to you or your business. We remove dead animals and all types of animal removal.

Don't let an unwanted animal wreak havoc on your property. Protect your home or business from unwanted damage with our animal

removal services.


• Birds

• Raccoon

• Skunks

• Moles

• Gophers

• Woodchucks

• Squirrels

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